Design of connected objects

Design of connected objects and IoT.

Design Thinking, industrial design, product design, object design

The Rtone design office has expertise in the whole design cycle for connected objects (Design Thinking, industrial design, product design, object design) and the smart solutions into which they are integrated. For certain modelling projects, Rtone calls on industrial designers with experience in the Internet of Things.

Machine to machine

Thanks to the definition of use cases, with or without a proof of concept, and the resulting specifications, each system is designed (rapid prototyping) according to the definition of the chosen machine-to-machine architecture.

IoT specifications

The Rtone engineering teams (electronic, mechanical and software) design all the connected objects under the control of our experts.


Electronic prototypes of the connected objects are accompanied by software prototypes tested in the field.

In the electronic prototyping phase, design follows a Design-to-Cost approach, aiming to consider the constraints of industrial production and the final product's life cycle as early as possible.


The software team configures and sets up the platform that will host the IoT application data. It completes its development work by creating business-specific software layers for each client. Finally, it specifies and commissions the servers needed to host the data.

IoT components

In constant contact with component manufacturers, our experts design the Internet of Things components on which Rtone bases all its connected object development.

In the same way as our electronic components, our software teams maintain and develop our IoT platform and provide the necessary expertise to our clients' IT teams. The resulting database is ready for the necessary big data processing.

IoT platforms, data security, applications and the cloud

As soon as the IoT components and platform have been defined, the security aspect of the data is considered, from hardware to the cloud. The standard, well-known open-source technologies used guarantee the security of the IoT applications. The integrity of the connected objects is analysed and defined specifically for each client IoT application.

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