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Connected objects and IoT, experts to advise you.

With its global approach to the Internet of Things, Rtone identifies your high-added-value data to design connected solutions suited to your needs.

After ten years working on the Internet of Things, our expertise positions Rtone as a leader in the IoT's electronic hardware and the associated software layers.

Mastering all the engineering disciplines, technologies and wireless communication protocols – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE, Narrowband IoT, NFC, RFID… – together with data processing (Big Data), monitoring, software development and Cloud services, our consultants guide you towards the most appropriate technologies for your connected object project.

Rtone process

From defining use cases to analysing the data, we construct the most appropriate solution for your IoT, smart object and embedded system applications.

Use cases and the criteria they affect:

  • Number of connected objects,
  • volume of data to be exchanged,
  • frequency of exchanges,
  • energy self-sufficiency of the sensor and its battery,
  • bidirectionality of exchanges,
  • telecommunications network to use depending on recurring costs in the operational phase,
  • etc.

As well as the connected object itself, Rtone supplies a full range of the services and expertise necessary for connected solutions for its clients.

  • With its 100% open-source software IoT cloud platform, Rtone can put your connected objects into service quickly for instant operation.
  • To interface locally and configure any connected object, Rtone develops all the necessary mobile IoT apps in the relevant software environments:
    • Apple (iOS)
    • Google (Android).

B2B markets

Operating in the B2B (connected safes, locks, thermometers, smoke detectors, vehicle sensors) or B2C markets (connected e-cigarettes, fitness trackers, smart watches, smart glasses, smart city, smart home etc.), our clients have won a number of awards at CES in Las Vegas (two awards in 2016 and two in 2017).

The luxury, healthcare, childcare and wearable sectors are areas of strong development for us, where connected objects can provide services that have yet to be invented via international IoT projects.

Proof Of Concept

If use cases have not yet been clearly defined, Rtone supports its clients in defining the Proof of Concept of their IoT applications. This makes it easier to identify the expertise necessary to create your Internet of Things solution and quickly build a prototype to demonstrate the connected object.

Following this phase, the IoT solution is fully defined and the design teams can begin their work.

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