Industrialisation d’objets connectés

Industrialisation of connected objects and IoT.

Rtone draws on a network of partners experienced in prototyping complex smart objects within short time scales.

For mass production, Rtone has a network of industrial production partners in contact with our experts.


From the hardware prototyping phase, the partner responsible for production is involved in the design of the connected object. The electronic and mechanical design takes account of the Design for Test and Design for Manufacturing constraints formulated by the industrial experts. This way, production constraints are identified as early as possible.

Industrialisation phase

The transition from prototype to final product, the industrialisation phase, is thus simplified and secured. The development teams adapt the prototype to enable the identified partner (EMS) to manufacture it.


The qualification and certification tests are conducted with national laboratories that are experts in their field.

Test benches are designed based on the defined level of cover.

The industrial production process is then refined and validated in pre-production.

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