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Dedicated software solutions for operating smart objects

The arrival of machine-to-machine and the Internet of Things has been accompanied by the arrival on the market of a set of dedicated software solutions for operating smart objects and creating services. The Rtone team has always been aware that the problems common to all projects involving fleets of connected objects should be brought together to reduce costs and improve the reliability of systems, avoiding the need for redevelopment from scratch every time. This is why we have evaluated, tested and deployed a variety of solutions and approaches to IoT platforms.

Principles of our IoT platforms

Every application has its own constraints. Too complex a solution will necessarily require adaptations, and these can be very costly if they go against the philosophy of the platform.


By their nature, IoT projects are innovative projects that need to be operational as quickly as possible so that their relevance can be assessed, and thus they need to be agile. The platform must allow the first application services to be developed very quickly. But it is still important for the software base to be able to scale up in line with even exponential growth to the level of Big Data without calling into question the initial technological choices in the short, medium or long term.


An IoT system will live and evolve for many years. It is essential for the technology base to be durable and widely adopted so that competent resources are easy to find and there is no need to depend on the choices of a single company.


Software technology is evolving constantly, and there is no guarantee that today's major companies will still be there tomorrow. The platform must guarantee maximum independence from the infrastructure on which it is based, enabling the operator to freely choose and change the hosting solution from among the IaaS and PaaS cloud solutions on the market.

Software solution of the IoT platform

Bearing these principles in mind, Rtone has defined its IoT platform's software solution on the basis of a set of well-understood open-source technologies, widely used and carefully chosen to support all projects, from proof of concept to the operation of large fleets of connected objects. The platform is a base providing a set of standard services:

  • User management (account creation, roles, security etc.)
  • Device management (administration, provisioning etc.)
  • Firmware management (storage, version control, OTA or other updates etc.)
  • Data collection using multiple communications protocols (web services, MQTT, Sigfox, LoRa etc.)
  • Real-time visualisation and dashboarding

All the standard services are accessible via a documented web services API for maximum interoperability.


We deploy the platform for you and work with you to develop your custom apps. Rtone can also take charge of all the hosting and maintenance you want in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, with no obligation and with the option of resuming control at any point.

All our clients benefit from our services in a variety of sectors: smart cities, smart grids, home automation, management of working conditions…

The business model is simple and clear: you pay for the deployment of your platform, any custom development and your hosting – and that's all.


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