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IoT trainer working with a Sigfox back-endRtone is launching a programme of Internet of Things courses. Designed by our IoT experts, it aims to pass on our ten years of experience in designing connected objects. The list of courses will be supplemented over time. If you would like to organise embedded Linux training for your company, don't hesitate to contact us.

Embedded Linux development training

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PREREQUISITES (for each participant)

  • Knowledge of C and C++ programming
  • A UCG-V3 card or a mangOH kit
  • A PC with Ubuntu 14.04 Linux (or a virtual machine)
  • A room equipped with a video projector

This course is aimed at developers who would like to understand and design applications operating on an embedded Linux system.

Through the discovery of the Linux environment, the course will present the necessary fundamentals and more advanced aspects of embedded development.

There will be a focus on Yocto and the Legato framework.

Day 1: Presentation of embedded Linux

  • File system
  • Basic commands
  • etc.

Day 2: Embedded software development

  • Tools (Git, compiler, environment etc.)
  • How to compile a C program
  • How to debug a C program
  • How to develop and use a library
  • Presentation of inter-process communication mechanisms

Day 3: Presentation of the Legato framework

  • Developing a Legato application
  • Building a Legato system
  • Securing a Legato system
  • Updating a Legato application or system

Day 4: Embedded web server development

  • Presentation of embedded web servers
  • Perl development
  • Adding an application module
  • Exchanging data with business applications

Day 5: Building a Linux-based embedded system

  • Introduction to the Yocto project
  • Building an embedded system
  • Modifying an embedded system

Help and support

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  • Advice
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