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IoT trainer working with a Sigfox back-endRtone is launching a programme of IoT courses. Designed by our Internet of Things experts, the Sigfox training aims to pass on our ten years of experience in designing connected objects. The list of IoT courses will be supplemented over time. If you would like to organise training on the Internet of Things for your company, don't hesitate to contact us.

Sigfox training

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  • 22/11/2016 in Noisy-Le-Grand (93)
  • On request

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Rtone and Always Wireless are offering a course on the technologies to implement in order to create a connected object, from the antenna and its adaptation to the cloud via the Sigfox protocol and the RF transceiver. The course will be based on practical projects.

The course is intended for designers, testers and commissioners of smart electronic products.

Day 1: project to integrate a Sigfox radio device

9 am: Welcome
9.30 am: Regulations: RED directive, standards, CE and Sigfox certification
9.50 am: Practical – RF spectrum analyser
10.05 am: Practical – vector network analyser
10.20 am: Break
10.35 am: Design – module or ref-design?
10.50 am: Design – integrating RF devices & component technologies
11.20 am: Practical – importance of an antenna/adaptation
11.40 am: Practical – impact of its environment/antenna
12 pm: Development – PCB & mechanical CAD
12.30 pm: Lunch
2 pm: Antenna solutions on the market
3 pm: Group exercise: SimSmith64
3.10 pm: Practical (& break) – integration & impedance adaptation/wire antenna
3.50 pm: Practical (& break) – integration & impedance adaptation/printed antenna
4.30 pm: Regulatory compliance (PAR & harmonics)
5.10 pm: Answers

Day 2: Implementation and integration

9 am: Welcome
9.15 am: Why the Sigfox system?
9.40 am: The Sigfox back-end
10 am: Demo – Sigfox uplink and downlink
10.15 am: Comparison of long-distance, low-consumption solutions
10.30 am: Break
10.40 am: Panorama of reference design solutions
11 am: Protocol possibilities
11.15 am: Security and encryption
11.30 am: Demo – example of a smoke detector with local loop
11.45 am: Sigfox network access procedure
12 pm: Lunch
1.30 pm: Practical – TBD part one
3 pm: Break
3.10 pm: Practical – TBD part two
4.45 pm: Questions/answers

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